Battery locomotive (LEA)

An original project that transforms a diesel-hydraulic locomotive into a battery operated shunting locomotive.

The product meets the vital requirements of the Romanian railway companies for development and modernization, respectively the efficiency of the costs of the railway services in Romania, as well as the Railway Technical Approval for the critical railway service.

The electric locomotive with accumulators is intended for the railway maneuver service on non-interoperable railway lines for a maximum trailer weighing of 2500 t, with a maximum speed of 30 km / h. The power supply is provided by the Li-ion batteries that are dimensioned according to the application for which the locomotive is used, the autonomy being between 12 - 24 h. The batteries are charged from an external source of 3x400 V 50 Hz dimensioned according to the capacity of the batteries, load from 20% to 100% is approx. 2h. The power of the asynchronous traction electric motor is chosen depending on the application for which the locomotive is used.

It can be configured with or without a driver's cab. To increase autonomy and improve performance, the product can be equipped with an electro-generator to become the hybrid locomotive.

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