The Hibrid locomotive LHy-M

With electrical powertrain and a diesel generator for charging the large capacity batteries on board, the hybrid locomotive has some incredible advantages for your business.

Over 10.000 locomotives are over 36 years old and need to be replaced all over Europe because of pollution. Our solution transforms any diesel hydraulic locomotive in one of the moas modern shunting locomotives right now in the world. The diesel generator on board gives the locomotive great range and efficiency.

More information

You will fine more info and tehnical documents on our special website dedicated to the LHy-M Locomotive

Exterior LHy-M

Built around the old classic diesel-hydraulic locomotive, our product has the same silhouette but is packed with state of the art technology.

Interior of the LHy-M

We have transformed the interior of the locomotive and gave it modern technology that ensures safety and efficiency.

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